NetApp A800 Specs

NetApp introduced its flagship model, the A800 and ONTAP version 9.4 which included a number of enhancements. Some details are below.

48 internal NVMe drives – 4U

1.1 Million IOPS – 200-500 microsecond latency

25 GBps sequential reads/sec

Scales 12 or 24 nodes (SAN/NAS respectively)

12PB or 6.6M IOPS for SAN (effective)

24PB or 11.4M IOPS for NAS (effective)

Nearly 5:1 efficiency using dedupe, compression, compaction, and cloning

Support for NVMeoF — connect your existing applications using FC to faster drives. Increase performance vs FC connected devices by 2x.

FabricPool 2.0 allows for tiering cold data to Amazon, Azure or any object store such as StorageGRID. You can now move active filesystem data to the cloud and bring it back when needed.


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