About Me

Im a father of two little girls, husband of the most beautiful girl I know, brother of one older sister, and son to 2 awesome parents. I am a technology loving person that also enjoys the outdoors equally. You can find me in death valley on my quad with my diesel truck and travel trailer by the campfire or in a data center in downtown designing and building you a fully virtualized hyper-converged turn-key data center from the ground up. I love doing both.

When I was a teenager–>early 20s, I was a barista for a small local coffee shop, did Craft Services for animators at Disney, waited tables at California Pizza Kitchen and a local Bar and Grill. I went to college to learn architectural and mechanical engineering but got bored, took some Visual Basic 6 classes, and got a job as a Junior DBA/Backup Admin at Amgen.

My professional bio can be found here.

I am currently a Senior Solutions Architect for InterVision.